Willeri Reserve Living Stream Master Plan

Newforms were engaged by the City of Canning for the development of a landscape master plan for Willeri Reserve, Parkwood. The intent of the master plan was to clearly delineate a concept that will guide the future staged development of Willeri Reserve.
The reserve is significantly affected by a number of utility easements which traverse through the site, two of the most prominent being an open drain that forms part of a storm water system in the area and a large overhead transmission line. The Water Corporation manages two assets that cross the site, one is an open drain and the other is two linked sewerage pipelines.
Newforms saw this project as a great opportunity to create a parkland reserve that is embraced by the community and which acts to regenerate and enhance the landscape.
Newforms assembled a project team that collectively offered a highly experienced, multidisciplinary, innovative and committed group of professionals capable of delivering the project outcomes beyond the expectations of the City of Canning brief.
The over-arching design themes of sustainability and rehabilitation are embodied in a conservation of both biological sensitivity and use of materials. Sustainable initiatives were incorporated to increase the effectiveness of the primary design imperative: the creation of a healthy living stream system. The design also aimed at engaging the community in an educational process about the ecological systems at work within the reserve.

Key Outcomes

  • Managed a multidisciplinary team with excellent results providing the client with a well researched master plan and accompanying report
  • Successfully managed and provided for the requirements of the various stakeholders including SERCUL, Swan River Trust, Indigenous representatives, Water Corporation of WA & Western Power
  • Production of a master plan that represents a sound understanding of the biological processes at work on the site
  • Produced a unique high quality design response whilst working with the challenging site restrictions and services

Project Details

Site Address
Parkwood, Western Australia
City of Canning

$3.5 million
Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Matthew Huxtable
Project Landscape Architect
Douglas Pott

Project Team
Ryan Healy
Matthew Gee
Craig Martindale

Terry Thompson, Senior Landscape Architect
City of Canning
Phone: +61 8 9231 0732