Baldivis Library and Community Centre

Newforms were engaged by Site Architecture on behalf of the City of Rockingham for full landscape architectural services for the new Baldivis Library & Community Centre Project.
The facility will be a co-located library and multipurpose community centre and includes the development of the Towns Square. The project is currently scheduled to start construction early 2013.
The project brief encompassed the external areas for the new library and community centre which includes a secure kids outdoor play area, an outdoor reading courtyard and the design of the adjacent Town Square. The Town Square design closely links the area with the new building, while also connecting the thoroughfare plaza between Settlers Avenue and Nancy Avenue. All existing street furniture and trees were reappropriated into the new design while the existing paving was recycled.

Key Outcomes

  • Incorporating existing built structures into a new functional design
  • A low maintenance civic area that uses water wise planting
  • Visual connections between the new building, existing structures and the Town Square

Project Details

Site Address
Baldivis, Western Australia
City of Rockingham

Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Ryan Healy
Project Landscape Architect
Craig Martindale

Site Architecture Studio

PACT Construction
Christian Wetjen, Project Architect
Company: Site Architecture Studio
Phone: +61 8 226 5661