The Grove

Newforms Landscape Architecture was part of a multi-disciplinary team, who provided a well-integrated outcome for the client for a complex and cutting edge project. Newforms saw the project as an opportunity to demonstrate new ideas in what a Perth civic park setting could be.

The project focused on creating a high profile civic space with a unique identity, a landscape which relates to the building but also effectively communicates the underlying philosophy to the project in regards to Environmental Sustainable Design through interpretive elements in the landscape. A number of key ESD initiatives were explored by the Newforms team and were integrated into the project including rainwater harvesting, stormwater treatment and waste water reuse.

As the site is situated at the low point of a major stormwater catchment area, Newforms designed an open sedge land basin that in storm events fills before the soak well system and subsides soon after. This plays out as a dynamic landscape feature which depicts the transient nature of water in the Perth landscape providing an educational element.

Part of the landscape contains a ‘sensory garden’ play space which integrates rainwater tanks and uses recycled railway sleepers and sensory plant selection to create a children’s play space. Newforms was keen to create a play space without the use of proprietary play equipment. The result is a unique space that provides a safe and dynamic space for children to play and appeals not only to children but people of all ages.

As the Lead Landscape Architectural Consultant, Newforms provided Urban Design and Landscape Master Planning services for the project and continued through Detailed Landscape Design, Documentation and Administration.

Key Outcomes

  • Incorporating principles of biophilic urbanism and demonstrating strong connection to the built form
  • WSUD principles and practices including integrated stormwater/ landscape system
  • Wastewater Re-use
  • Utilising water features and water courses in the delivery of public art and integrating public art into the built form.


  • 2011 LIAWA Overall Winner - Designer - PGCMP Library & Community Centre, Newforms Landscape Architecture
  • 2011 LIAWA - Commercial/ Civic Designer Award - PGCMP Library & Community Centre, Newforms Landscape Architecture

Project Details

Site Address
Mosman Park, Perth, Western Australia
Shire of Peppermint Grove, Town of Mosman Park & Town of Cottesloe

$1.25 million
Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Matthew Huxtable
Project Team
Matthew Gee
Ryan Healy
Erika Bjorklund
Matthew Andrew

Landscape Construction
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd
Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland

Key Team Members
Josh Byrne & Associates
Environmental Technology Centre at Murdoch University
James Simmons

Fernando Faugno, Project Director
Phone: +61 8 9322 3644