Burke Residence

Designed by Matthew Gee of Newforms Landscape Architecture, the project won Best Overall Design at the 2010 LIAWA Awards. The challenge here was to create a larger sense of space in a seemingly small, long and narrow area. The result presents a beautifully aesthetic outdoor area with class and sophistication, built with confidence by Phase3 Landscape Construction.

The brief in this case called for a flexible mixed-use environment to accommodate and satisfy the needs of a family that includes four teenage children, whilst maintaining a high architectural aesthetic.

A plunge pool, pavilion, sundeck, water feature, storage shed back & front and an entry statement were items outlined in the brief that were to be present in the completed design. At the clients request we were also engaged to make an amendment to the facade of the existing dwelling in the form of a large steel awning giving us more opportunity to integrate the building into the landscape, and in turn echoes the other steel structures throughout the design.

The water feature is constructed from large solid granite blocks stacked together to form the reservoir. Granite tiled panels form the water wall with steel strips proud of the face acting to articulate water flow over the surface of the tiles. The light box conceals a steel manhole to the well and is dissected with a large number of rectangular penetrations to further enhance the rectilinear form of the water feature. The light projected also acts to expand the visual reach and ambiance of the feature into the house and adjacent rooms.


Project Details

Site Address
Attadale , Western Australia
Project Duration


Landscape Project Director
Ryan Healy
Project Landscape Architect
Matthew Gee

Landscape Construction
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd
David J. Adams


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