Mount View Residence

Designed by Ryan Healy and Erika Bjorklund of Newforms Landscape Architecture, the clients sought a minimal design to complement the house while also incorporating Mediterranean influences and a working garden, with the client citing Seville citrus garden’s and the landscape of the Costa Brava as inspiration for the internal courtyard.

Further the space needed to be child friendly and functional offering integrated seating, productive trees, open areas for entertainment and play together with a plunge pool. Screening was also an important aspect of the design in trying to create privacy in the courtyard. The front was to remain open with feature walls and planting defining the edges of the space.

The strong architectural features of the building informed Newforms design response. The raised off-form concrete seats converse with windows of the house on the opposite side and the shape of the exposed aggregate concrete steppers mirror the windows above. While using a minimalistic approach to the design Newforms created depth of space by playing with raised elements such as the pool beam and raised planters.

The project includes a plunge pool with custom off-form concrete pool capping and an automated pool cover. The garden spaces remain open and uncluttered while materials are revealed in their detail and juxtaposition. The palette of materials continues throughout the design unifying the landscape as a whole.

Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) initiatives are incorporated throughout the landscape composition, complementing the intention and resolution of the building.



Site Address
Mount Pleasant, Western Australia
Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Ryan Healy

Project Team
Erika Bjorklund
Matthew Gee


Landscape Construction
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd

David J. Adams


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