Hobbs Residence

The brief called for an open mixed-use space, to include a pool with water feature and pavilion that enhances the visual transparency to the landscape from the house. A key requirement from the client was to achieve a high quality architectural finish and create characteristics individual to the design like the glazed black brick capping to the pool.

Key elements of this project are the pool and pavilion. As there was not a surplus of space on this site it was important to create a space that had a good relationship with the existing dwelling and to create the illusion of softening and reducing the imposing building bulk of the existing dwelling. To achieve this, the pavilion was positioned as far away as possible from the existing dwelling, without impeding on important real estate required to incorporate the pool. This in turn centralised the alfresco dining area allowing uninterrupted travel through the landscape between the house and pavilion beyond.

In a partnership between Newforms Landscape Architecture and Phase3 Landscape Construction, this outdoor area has been designed and constructed to be both functional and elegant in a suburban setting.


  • 2010 LIAWA Awards: Best Special Feature – Built Feature - Hobbs Residence, Pavilion Roof Structure, Newforms Landscape Architecture

Project Details

Site Address
Claremont, Western Australia
Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Ryan Healy
Project Landscape Architect
Matthew Gee
Landscape Construction
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd

Pool Builder
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd
James Simmons


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