Windsor Residence

In a partnership between Newforms Landscape Architecture and Phase3 Landscape Construction, the space is designed and constructed for children and captures the essence of creating a space for play and fun providing an exciting, interactive, child friendly adventure playground.

The owners were after an adventurous, sensory garden with a large turfed area between the house and the pool area. They also requested the large existing trees remain, and screening to the rear, east and south sides of the house. The biggest challenge was connecting the large existing decked area of the pavilion with the remaining backyard, which is considerably lower.

The existing pool shell lies at the lowest point of the site, which meant connectivity between the pavilion and the pool was vital, with a couple of landings that lead to the garden shed, an outdoor shower and turfed area.

Project Details

Site Address
East Fremantle, Western Australia
Project Duration

Landscape Project Director
Ryan Healy
Project Landscape Architect
Matthew Gee
Landscape Construction
Phase3 Landscape Construction Pty Ltd
James Simmons


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